Western Armenia, South Georgia and northeastern Turkey (region of Kars). 


Darevskia raddei nairensis  DAREVSKI, 1967


Lacerta saxicola nairensis  DAREVSKY, 1967

Lacerta raddei nairensis  UZZELL & DAREVSKY, 1973

Lacerta nairensis  DAREVSKY, 1992

Archaeolacerta (Caucasilacerta) nairensis  SINDACO et al., 2000

Darevskia (raddei) nairensis  ARNOLD et al., 2007

Lacerta (Darevskia) nairensis  SINDACO & JEREMČENKO, 2008

Darevskia nairensis  ARAKELYAN et al., 2011


Holotype: ZISP = ZIN 17941, male (Zool. Inst., St. Petersburg).

Terra Typica:

Vicinity of Lchashen village, shore of Lake Sevan in Armenia.

Taxonomic notes:

Etymology: Name derived from the “Nairi”, an ancient name of Armenia.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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