Taiwan and Pescadores islands to the west of Taiwan 


Takydromus stejnegeri  VAN DENBURGH, 1912

Common names:

Stejneger’s grass lizard (English)
Stejneger’s Langschwanzeidechse (German)
蓬萊草蜥 (Chinese)


Holotype: CAS 18417

Terra Typica:

Taipeh, Taiwan.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Denburgh, J. van (1912) -  Concerning certain species of reptiles and amphibians from China, Japan, the Loo Choo Islands, and Formosa. -  Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, (4th series) 3: 187-258.    

  • Cheng, H.-Y. (1987) -  The Status of a Lacertid Lizard Takydromus stejnegeri Van Denburgh in Taiwan -  Journal Taiwan Museum, 40 (2): 13-17.  

    鄭先祐 (1987) -  臺灣蓬萊草蜥(Takydromus stejnegeri Van Denburgh)之正名 -  臺灣省立博物館半年刊, 40 (2): 13-17.