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  Taiwan:  7 species
Takydromus formosanus BOULENGER, 1894
Takydromus hsuehshanensis LIN & CHENG, 1981
Takydromus kuehnei kuehnei VAN DENBURGH, 1909
Takydromus luyeanus LUE & LIN, 2008
Takydromus sauteri VAN DENBURGH, 1909
Takydromus stejnegeri VAN DENBURGH, 1912
Takydromus viridipunctatus LUE & LIN, 2008

Takydromus stejnegeri


Takydromus stejnegeri





Taiwan and Pescadores islands to the west of Taiwan.


Source: www.lacerta.de


China, Taiwan


Takydromus stejnegeri  © 2012 Walter Grosser