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  Pakistan:  14 species
Acanthodactylus cantoris GÜNTHER, 1864
Acanthodactylus micropholis BLANFORD, 1874
Eremias acutirostris (BOULENGER, 1887)
Eremias cholistanica BAIG & MASROOR, 2006
Eremias fasciata BLANFORD, 1874
Eremias kakari MASROOR et al., 2020
Eremias killasaifullahi MASROOR et al., 2022
Eremias persica BLANFORD, 1874
Eremias rafiqi MASROOR et al., 2022
Eremias scripta scripta (STRAUCH, 1867)
Mesalina brevirostris BLANFORD, 1874
Mesalina watsonana (STOLICZKA, 1872)
Ophisops elegans elegans MÉNÉTRIÉS, 1832
Ophisops jerdonii BLYTH, 1853

Eremias rafiqi


Eremias rafiqi


  MASROOR et al., 2022


The species is found in three Pakistani districts located along with the Afghan border including Torghar Mountains in the localities of Tanishpa village and Kunder area (Killa Saifullah district), Ashewat (Qamar Din Karez, Zhob district) and Khar in Nushki District.


Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan


Eremias rafiqi  © 1997 Khalid Javed Baig