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  Luxembourg:  3 species
Lacerta agilis agilis LINNAEUS, 1758
Podarcis muralis brongniardii (DAUDIN, 1802)
Zootoca vivipara vivipara (LICHTENSTEIN, 1823)

Podarcis muralis brongniardii


Podarcis muralis brongniardii


  (DAUDIN, 1802)


With a current scanning frequency of 33% is the wall lizard relatively common in Luxembourg. In total, four distribution areas can be assigned:
• the valleys of the Moselle and Lower Sure
• Southern Oesling with the valleys of the Upper Sure (between Pont Misère and Bourscheid), the lower Clervaux (Moulin de bulk Castle, Wilwerwiltz) and the lower Wiltz (Wiltz and Merkholtz)
• the former cast mining areas in the southwest of the country
• the city of Luxembourg and surroundings


Source: Verbreitungsatlas der Reptilien des Großherzogtums Luxemburg.


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