China (Alashan & Ordos deserts) and eastern Mongolia. 


Eremias multiocellata kozlowi  BEDRIAGA, 1907


Lectotype: ZISP 9141, China, Nan Shan, oasis Ssatschshe (Orlova et al., 2017 indicated `Sachzheu envrions [Dunhuang]`), 1894, Coll. P.K. Kozlov and V.I. Roborovsky

Terra Typica:

`Sachzheu and western Nanshan-mountains`, W China.

Taxonomic notes:

The taxonomic status of E. multiocellata kozlowi also remains unclear due to lack of sampling from the area of its distribution and requires further research. Morphologically this form appears to be closely related to the nominative form E. (m.) multiocellata; however preliminary chromosome studies suggest some unrecognized diversity in the area of Bei Shan (Inner Mongolia, China) (Gong et al. 1992). Our study reports presence of a divergent mtDNA lineage of E. cf. multiocellata in Gansu Province of China; taxonomic status of this population has to be evaluated upon availability of voucher materials for examination.

Source: Orlova et al. (2017)

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Bedriaga, J. von (1907) -  Verzeichnis der von der Central-Asiatischen Expedition unter Stabs-Kapitän W. Roborowski in den Jahren 1893-1895 gesammelten Reptilien. -  Annu. Mus. Zool. Acad. Impér. Sci. St.-Petersbourg, 10 (3-4): 159-200 [1905]