Along the border between Mauritania and Western Sahara and between Algeria and Morocco.  


Acanthodactylus taghitensis  GENIEZ & FOUCART, 1995

Common names:

Fransenfingereidechse (German)


Holotype: MNHN-RA 1995.1201

Terra Typica:

36 km SSW Taghit in West Algeria (30°41’ N, 2°07’ W).

Taxonomic notes:

This species is only known from three adult females and three adult males (including the specimens reported by DONAIRE et al., 2000, CROCHET et al. 2003).

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Geniez, P. & Foucart, A. (1995) -  Un nouvel Acanthodactyle en Algérie: Acanthodactylus taghitensis n.sp. (Reptilia, Sauria, Lacertidae).  -  Bulletin du Muséum national d`histoire naturelle. Section A, Zoologie, biologie et écologie animales, 17 (1-2): 3-9.  

  • Crochet, P.-A. & Geniez, P. & Ineich, I. (2003) -  A multivariate analysis of the fringe-toed lizards of the Acanthodactylus scutellatus group (Squamata: Lacertidae) systematics and biogeographical implications. -  Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 137 (1): 117-155.    

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