Southwestern Angola, lower elevation areas (below 550 m) in the coastal region, up to 30 km inland, from Moçâmedes (Province of Namibe), north to Sumbe (Province of Cuanza-Sul). 


Pedioplanis benguellensis  (BOCAGE, 1867)


Eremias benguellensis  BOCAGE, 1867

Common names:

Benguela Sand Lizard (English)
Angolan Sand Lizard (English)
Angolanischer Wüstenrenner (German)


Syntype: ZMB 7762 (probably lost)
Neotype: CAS 266242, field number AMB 9984 (male)

Terra Typica:

“Maconjo, Angola”; “‘Benguella” (= Benguela, Angola) fide CONRADIE et al. 2012.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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Pedioplanis benguellensis  © William R. Branch