The eastern part of the Hyrcanian forrest in southern Azerbaijan and northwestern Iran. 


Darevskia chlorogaster  (BOULENGER, 1908)


Lacerta boettgeri  MEHELY, 1907

Lacerta chlorogaster  BOULENGER, 1908

Lacerta mostoufii  BALOUTCH, 1976

Darevskia chlorogaster  ARRIBAS, 1997

Common names:

Green-bellied Lizard (English)


Lectotype: BMNH 1946.9.2.29. adult male, Iran, Gilan Province, Bandar-e Anzali, H.N. Rabino, designated by Ahmadzadeh et al. 2013. Measurements and scale counts of this specimen are in accordance with the one illustrated in the original description. Paralectotypes. The remaining syntypes are consequently designated paralectotypes. 2 males: same locality data as lectoype, R.B. Woosnam (BMNH 1946.9.1.87–88); 5 males, 1 female: same data as lectotype (BMNH 1946.9.2.28, 1946.9.2.30–33), 1 skeleton, same data as lectotype (BMNH 1946.9.2.34). Holotype: Teheran museum, MMTT 1582 (apparently lost fide Arnold 2007); a paratype in the Paris Museum is a Darevskia praticola praticola (In den Bosch, 1999) [mostoufi]

Terra Typica:

NW Iran; lectotype locality: Iran, Gilan Province, Bandar-e Anzali.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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