France and Spain / Central Pyrenees, Maubèrme Massif, between the valleys of Aran, Spain and Ariège, France. 


Iberolacerta aranica  (ARRIBAS, 1993)


Iberolacerta aranica  CROCHET et al, 2004

Iberolacerta (Pyrenesaura) aranica  ARRIBAS, 1997

Lacerta bonnali aranica  ARRIBAS, 1993

Common names:

Aran Rock Lizard (English)
Iberische Gebirgseidechse (German)
Lézard montagnard du Val d’Aran (French)
Lagartija Aranesa (Spanish)


Holotype: private collection, OA 92081007, male. 10-8-1992. 2300, m. O. ARRIBAS leg. (Holotype and paratypes are in the author`s scientific collection.). Addional paratypes in NMW.

Terra Typica:

Coll de Barradós, Viella, Vall d`Aràn. Lleida, Spain.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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