Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Greece (central and eastern mainland, Peloponnese and southern Ionian islands, Crete and the Cyclades Islands Kithnos, Sifnos, Serifos, Kimolos, Milos and Poliegos) and adjacent areas of Bulgaria. 


Lacerta trilineata  BEDRIAGA, 1886

Subspecies (4):

Lacerta trilineata trilineata  BEDRIAGA, 1886

Lacerta trilineata hansschweizeri  MÜLLER, 1935

Lacerta trilineata major  BOULENGER, 1887

Lacerta trilineata polylepidota  WETTSTEIN, 1952


Lacerta viridis trilineata  BEDRIAGA 1886

Lacerta trilineata  ENGELMANN et al 1993

Common names:

Balkan Green Lizard (English)
Westliche Riesensmaragdeidechse (German)


trilineata: Holotype: unlocated

hansschweizeri: Syntypes: lost, previously ZSM (SLM) 2010, collected by H. Schweizer, 05.1934, lost fide Franzen & Glaw 2007.

major: Syntypes: BMNH

polylepidota: Syntypes: NMW

Terra Typica:

trilineata: Type locality: restricted to Greece (MERTENS & MÜLLER 1940)

hansschweizeri: Type locality: Milos, Cyclades (Greece)

major: Type locality: Korfu (Greece)

polylepidota: Type locality: Chania, NW Crete.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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Lacerta trilineata: 340  pictures (see subspecies level)


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