Southern Türkiye (Vilayets Hatay, Adana and Içel), western Syria, throughout Lebanon (where widespread, including on Palm Island), northern Israel, Palestinian Territories and northwestern Jordan. Introduced to the Georgian Republic (Anaklia, Black Sea Coast) and Türkiye between Anamur (middle south coast) to Tekirova (lycian coast) as well in İçmeler, Marmaris, Kuşadası and Özdere in the southwest part of Türkiye.


Phoenicolacerta laevis  (GRAY, 1838)


Lacerta laevis  GRAY, 1838

Lacerta judaica  CAMERANO, 1877

Phoenicolacerta laevis  ARNOLD et al, 2007

Common names:

Syrische Eidechse (German)
Lebanon Lizard (English)


Holotype: BMNH 1946.9.3.2
Type: MSNTO [judaica]

Terra Typica:

Not given.

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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