Spain / Canary Islands / Isolated locations on Tenerife. 


Gallotia intermedia  BARBADILLO et al., 1999

Common names:

Tenerife Speckled Lizard (English)
Gesprenkelte Kanareneidechse (German)
Lagarto Canario Moteado (Spanish)


Holotype: DZUL (given as Fundacion Neotropico, Tenerife, Spain (still alive fide Jaime A. de Urioste, pers. comm., 17 June 2017), DZUL (Departamento de ZoologÌa, Universidad de La Laguna); Paratypes in ZFMK (still to be received), DZUL, TFMC

Terra Typica:

“Risco de La Jaqueta in the Acantilado de Los Gigantes, elevation 25 m, (westernmost part of Tenerife) (28° 15` N, 16° 50` W)”.

Taxonomic notes:

BARBADILLO et al. (1999) mentioned this species with a description in a field guide before it was “officially” described by HERNÁNDEZ et al. (2000). The Code (Art 16.1) obligates to indicate new species with `sp. nov.` or similar, but only for names published after 1999. However, the BARBADILLO guide is from 1999 (without any indication this being a new species) and hence in a “legal” grey zone.

(OSCAR ARRIBAS, pers. comm.).

Relevant taxonomic literature:

  • Hernández, E. & Nogales, M. & Aurelio, M. (2000) -  Discovery of a new lizard in the Canary islands, with a multivariate analysis of Gallotia (Reptilia: Lacertidae). -  Herpetologica, 56 (1): 63-76.    

  • Cox, S.C. & Carranza, S. & Brown, R.P. (2010) -  Divergence times and colonization of the Canary Islands by Gallotia lizards. -  Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 56 (2): 747-757.