Spain / Canary Islands / El Hierro, La Gomera, Roque Grande de Salmor and Roquillo. Introduced to Los Christianos (Tenerife).


Gallotia caesaris  (LEHRS, 1914)

Subspecies (2):

Gallotia caesaris caesaris  (LEHRS, 1914)

Gallotia caesaris gomerae  (BOETTGER & MÜLLER, 1914)


Lacerta caesaris  LEHRS, 1914

Lacerta galloti caesaris  BOETTGER & MÜLLER, 1914

Gallotia galloti caesaris  BISCHOFF, 1985

Gallotia galloti gomerae  BISCHOFF, 1985

Common names:

Boettger's Lizard (English)
Kleine Kanareneidechse (German)
Lagarto Tizón de La Gomera y El Hierro (Spanish)


caesaris: Syntypes: private collection of P. LEHRS, Spain, Canary Islands, Hierro.

gomerae: Holotype: SMF 13453, male

Terra Typica:

caesaris: Las Lapas, El Hierro.

gomerae: La Gomera

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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Gallotia caesaris: 60  pictures (see subspecies level)


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