Turkey: Anatolia. Greece: Samos, Ikaria, Rhodes and the surrounding islands. 


Anatololacerta ARNOLD et al., 2007

Species (3):

Anatololacerta anatolica  (WERNER, 1900)

Anatololacerta danfordi  (GÜNTHER, 1876)

Anatololacerta pelasgiana  (MERTENS, 1959)

Species Typica:

Anatololacerta danfordi  (GÜNTHER, 1876)

Taxonomic notes:

Recently two independent genetic studies (CANDAN et al. 2015*, BELLATI et al. 2014*) were published to the lizards of this genus. Unfortunately, both studies cover only parts of the distribution area and there were mainly different DNA segments studied. BELLATI et al. (2014*) propose considerable taxonomic changes compared to the previous classification of the genus by EISELT & SCHMIDTLER (1987). Most of this does not seem to be well founded. Therefore the concept of EISELT & SCHMIDTLER (1987) is basically maintained, but, as BELLATI et al. (2014*) suggested, the lizards from Ikaria island are placed within A. anatolica, and the remainder of lizards of the previously A. oertzeni become A. pelasgiana.


(* Early view dates)

Relevant taxonomic literature:

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